VISIONS of SuperMaMa:

  • SuperMaMa is an EU FET-OPEN Research & Innovation project working on new technologies for mass spectrometry and analysis of lowly charged and neutral high-mass proteins.
  • SuperMaMa will develop, test and combine an integrated superconducting nanowire array (SNWA) with advanced cryogenic onboard electronics in a largely re-modelled ESI-TOF-machine.
  • The development of a new photocleavable tags shall allow us to prepare of neutral protein beams from mass-selected ions upon single- pr few photon absorption. This will decouple the volatilization from the charging process and shall enable the analysis of neutral proteins in the gas phase

 Latest News


SuperMaMa present with 3 teams (!) at the IBBI 2022 Conference, in Obergurgl.


25 children (8-12) surprised by proteins, croygenics, quantum detectors and imaging.


We are happy to announce that our EU SuperMaMa Project will be discussed at the IceQubes workshop.


SuperMaMa contributes as a Poster for the Quantum Technologies for Space Days!


Congratulations to Marcel Strauß on completing his Master thesis with distinction.


On May 21st, our first webinar introduces the scope of the European SuperMaMa Consortium .