Talk by Edoardo Charbon


Cryo-CMOS for Quantum Computing: from a Wild Idea to Working Silicon

Edoardo Charbon

EPFL – Advanced Quantum Architecture Lab (AQUA)
Professor - Head of Laboratory

When: Thursday, August 4th 2022, 14:00 h

Where: Ernst-Mach Lecture Hall, 2nd floor, Boltzmanngasse 5

Hosted by: Markus Arndt



The core of a quantum processor is generally an array of qubits that need to be controlled and read out by a classical processor. This processor operates on the qubits with nanosecond latency, several millions of times per second, with tight constraints on noise and power dissipation. This is due to the extremely weak signals from the processor that require highly sensitive circuits and systems, along with very precise timing capability. We advocate the use of CMOS technologies to achieve these goals, whereas the circuits will be operated at deep-cryogenic temperatures. We believe that these circuits, collectively known as cryo-CMOS control, will make future qubit arrays scalable, enabling a faster growth in qubit count. In the talk, the challenges of designing and operating complex circuits and systems at 4K and below will be outlined, along with preliminary results achieved in the control and read-out of qubits by ad hoc integrated circuits that were optimized to operate at low power in these conditions. The talk will conclude with a perspective on the field and its trends.