Research & Knowledge Base of SuperMaMa

This section is a structured but certainly still vastly incomplete bibliography, collecting results by the international community.The purpose is to provide the reader with the service of a quick overview over trends and achievements by many groups around the globe. This supports the claim that research on cryogenic detectors is a core interest in a broad and interdisciplinary research community. 

We will extend the literature based to both cryogenic detectors and photochemistry, as required in our specific interdisciplinary project SuperMaMa.

If you feel that your work is missing in the list and you want to be listed, please simply send a short email with the pertinent information to The content will be briefly verified and added to the list if it supports the knowledge background in this project.   

Work of our network partners, contributed to SuperMaMa ideas today and before, are collected on this page. Work and relevant references from the world at large are found in the menu tree.